Swimming courses

Front crawl swimming courses for triathletes and open water swimmers.

One hour sessions on Tuesday evenings. All courses last for 10 weeks and are based in Marlborough, Wiltshire. The courses are mainly attended by triathletes, aspiring triathletes, and open water swimmers. If you aren't planning any of the above but just want to swim better then we can help you too.

  • Joining the group - If you can do at least 50m front crawl with basic technique, but need more encouragement and guidance to progress then this is for you. We aim to get all pupils swimming 400m confidently by the end of an 8 - 10 week course.
  • Next step - These sessions will take on more of a coached session format, increasing distance covered, working off the clock, introducing drills, learning the pool training terms, lane etiquette, and further advice on how to plan your own sessions.
  • Advanced Coaching - This is a one hour coached session working through a structured yearly plan covering recovery, base phases through to pre competition & competition phases. Sessions will include elements of stroke technique, then as the course progresses introducing sessions incorporating strength, endurance and pace work. Pool based Open water skills are also included. Advice and extra session plans are given as is plenty of individual feedback. Suitable for swimmers who are able to swim 400m in under 8:00 minutes.


Open water training